Links to the publicly available deliverables (PU) of Virtual Campus Hub will appear in the list as these deliverables are completed.

Management of the Consortium 
D1.1 Mid-term report (PU) 
D1.2 Final report (PU)

E-learning Tools
D2.1 Interim report on pedagogical improvement 
D2.2 Implementation of e-Learning tools (PU) 
D2.3 Report on pedagogical improvement (PU)

E-learning Programs and Courses
D3.1 Prototype implementation of e-Learning tools and incubator processes 
D3.2 Trial implementation and test of two e-Learning tools (PU) 
D3.3 Trial implementation of two incubator processes (PU) 
D3.4 e-Learning programs and courses evaluation report (PU)

E-link Innovation for Decision Makers
D4.1 Interim e-Link evaluation report 
D4.2 e-Link functionality integrated into the VC hub (PU) 
D4.3 e-Link evaluation report (PU)

Virtual Campus Hub Technology
D5.1 Preliminary technology survey report
D5.2 Technical concept and recommendations for the specifications of the VC Hub inventory and demonstrator 
D5.3 Virtual Campus Hub technology (PU) 
D5.4 Virtual Campus Hub technology evaluation report (PU)

Dissemination and exploitation
D6.1 Dissemination strategy paper - preliminary version (PU) 
D6.2 Virtual Campus Hub website (PU)
D6.3 Virtual Campus Hub workshops and meetings 
D6.4 Virtual Campus Hub virtual events (PU) 
D6.5 Virtual Campus Hub conference (PU) 
D6.6 Strategy paper (PU)
D6.7 Final report on the Virtual Campus Hub concept (PU)